UX Design, Brand Strategy, Service Design. Facilitator.


UX Research: Qualitative Research (Interviewing), Quantitative (Survey), Immersion, Observation. Persona, Empathy maps. User testing, Hotjar, Analytics. 

Brand Strategy: C D map, Golden Circle,   

UX/Service Design: Customer Journey Maps and Proposed User Flow Maps, Prototypes (Interface, Mockups and Wireframes).

The Challenge:

At the end of 2015 Reschia was facing some issues with the positioning of their website and online shop, and online sales were suffering. A new team was also starting to work together. 

The Action:

In the beginning I was supposed to work only with the SEO but with decided to dig a big deeper to create a sustainable solution that would work for the sales & marketing team.

First step was to research Reschia client base and market landscape. I designed a workshop to talk about the brand DNA and define a clear vision and values.

With all the information I created a customer journey that would help us create the first wireframes. 

I redesigned the landing page to a one pager with all the basic information and with clear call-to-action buttons. I also redesigned the Tictail shop to be more intuitive.

Co-designed with the client an open-studio weekly day, to increase the VIP experience of the clients.

We went on to co-design a digital marketing strategy that would help the marketing & sales team to continue with a clear view.

The Results:

An increase of sales by a 35% after the first month.