Designing a digital solution for UR


A true collaborative design process between UR (Sveriges Television), Hyper Island and McCann Stockholm.




UX researcher, concept developer, strategist, facilitator.


UX Research: Qualitative Research (Interviewing), Quantitative (Survey), Persona, Empathy map.

UX/Service Design: Prototypes (Interface, Mockups and Wireframes).


Create a digital strategy and social objects for an educational tv-series about teaching computer programming in school.


We took a design thinking approach to this advertising project and together with the client and McCann we iterated continuously on different solutions. Working together in sprints we drafted ideas, tested on the end-user (teachers)and continued development of the idea based on feedback received.


A unique experience, where we worked together as a team, even if there were three parts involved. The digital video campaign is the most successful UR has launched to date.

Check out the campaign here

I wrote an article about the team process Read it here.

High-end online experience


Having worked for many years as a fashion trend analyst helped me understand better the needs of this brand. Reschia is a Swedish luxury shoe label, selling at NK in Stockholm and many retailers around Europe and the world. 
As a consultant I helped with the redesign of their online presence to improve the online sales.




UX and brand strategist and facilitator.


UX Research: Qualitative Research (Interviewing), Quantitative (Survey), Immersion, Observation. Persona, Empathy maps. User testing, Hotjar, Analytics.

Brand Strategy: C D map, Golden Circle,   

UX/Service Design: Customer Journey Maps and Proposed User Flow Maps, Prototypes (Interface, Mockups and Wireframes).

Conversion rate optimization: Google Analytics / Hotjar / Optimizely.

The Challenge:

To organically increase online sales using only non-paid channels.

The Action:

Researched the Reschia client base and market landscape. I designed a workshop to talk about the Reschia brand DNA and define a clear vision of the brand values with the team. Researched user flows on analytics.

I redesigned the landing page based on insights and I also redesigned the Tictail shop to be optimised for sales.

We went on to co-design a digital marketing strategy that would help the marketing & sales team to continue with a clear view.

The Results:

An increase of sales by a 50% 

Turning trends into business opportunities


In the framework of the ELISAVA Master’s Degree in Research for Design and Innovation we developed a trends analysis laboratory for identifying and applying trends in three principal sectors: social trends, fashion trends and product trends.  



Facilitator. Lecturer.


Introductions and endings. Building trust. Participation and discussion. 


A short and intense summer course with an international group with different backgrounds. The main challenge was to be able to open the diamond and close it, meaning having enough time to research and to get tangible concepts.


Work in teams, research, ideate, prototype, get feedback, iterate and present.

THE results:

Five possible business ideas...And a lot of reflections.

The best commute is no commute


As part of my Hyper Island program I worked with Volvo Cars in a Business transformation project. Together in a team of five we worked exclusively on this project. Here is the result.



Concept developer. Business designer


UX research, Trend Mapping, Competitive Landscape, Business Model Canvas. 


To design a disruptive business idea for Volvo Cars.


After a research phase, we got the insight that one of the biggest reasons people use cars is for commuting. But the commuting experience unfortunately includes traffic jams and problems with parking spaces. 

We also took note of two important trends: mobile workspaces and urbanisation. In a world where more employees are independent the demand for different solutions for co-working hubs will grow. 

THE results:

Volvo Smart Hub is a concept that fusions mobility with the future of transportation and a real-state solution.

The Volvo Smart Hub is located in suburbs making it possible for the Volvo worker to work close to home while still, through access to on demand services like autonomous cars, electric bikes, etc (all from the Volvo fleet), be able to quickly be transported to other Volvo Smart Hubs or client offices.